How Pluto in Gate 61 Affects You | Q3 2021


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So now we'll look at exactly the same transit field, but with different eyes from the individual perspective. And there of course, we have to look at different variations. We will start in the same way, addressing the constants of the Quarter first. So we have our Pluto in the 61.

People Who Have Gate 24

And of course, as a transit on the personal level, the people who are mostly affected by that are the 24s. So, if you have Gate 24, at the Ajna, you have The Returning, you have the challenge mentally to transcend an old knowing arriving at a new one. But the mechanic in that consists in that before you can do that you have to meet the empowered old pattern.

That means during the 61 transit, this will actually also bring you questions, of course, that will be partly the dominant questions of the collective because nobody can avoid it totally. But additionally, it also could be your personal not knowing that is important for you. “What shall I do with my job? What shall I do with my relationship?” This kind of very personal stuff. That is important for you, therefore, the not knowing of “I'm not sure what I should do now,” becomes a pressure, and then goes to the 24.

And the 24, not different from the collective, will bring to the surface your old answers, whatever they are. That depends on the life history, so maybe you go to a counselor, maybe you try to get some information, maybe you talk with your friends. So whatever you are doing, the first thing that turns up will be an old pattern, an old knowing, so to speak, in order to try to solve the question from above.

Personal Truths

And also very similar to what we have talked about in the collective, you will find out at some point that it doesn't work, because that is something nobody else really can help you with. After all, it is about inner truths, what we could also call a personal truth, my own truth, my own knowing. And you cannot get your own knowing from somebody else. So at some point, there is the potential that these old patterns have been activated by that, in fact mutated.

And then comes that glorious moment of an insight that is experienced as a knowing, meaning it feels very convincing. But at the same time be aware, there is no guarantee that is true in the objective sense. It is a mental knowing.

A Necessary Step for Transcendence

So that would be the one thing. And generally speaking from the mechanic, we have to understand that the turning up of the old pattern is a necessary step for transcendence because a pattern can only mutate if it is activated. Therefore, the returning of the old is not a problem you need to fight. It is an opportunity you need to wait out because you cannot make the mutation anyway. In no place of your BodyGraph, not even in the mind, the mutation is described as a natural process, but nothing you can do.

And this leads us back to the question. As the 61, by its nature, is the gate of mystery and secrets, meaning very fascinating questions, and Pluto is this planet of the dark, the hidden, and the suspicion, even if you have the 24, it does not save you from being attracted to the very mysterious, dark, and hidden stuff your mind can get totally obsessed with.

Remember, it works in a process. If you get the full channel by the transit, it is a channel that works in a process. That means if it's on, it really can be a total obsession, it can be so convincing. And then you stay busy, because you have to know, and you must know, and you have to find out. And it's not even leading nowhere, it can lead you into the mental darkness.

A Personal Perspective Excerpt from Transit Forecast | Q3 2021

Peter Schoeber

Peter is a 3/5 emotional Generator who began exploring Human Design in 1992, has been a professional analyst and teacher since 1995, and offers IHDS education in German language. He has been working with transits for over 25 years and brings profound insight on the impact of planetary forces as they move through the Gates of the BodyGraph.


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