Angles & Profiles

Profile is what determines your unique role and purpose. It is a combination that is based on the lines of your Personality Sun/Earth and your Design Sun/Earth.

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  • The 2/5 Profile

    The 2/5 Profile

    Explore how the Projection field greatly impacts this profile. Learn how aloneness enriches the 2nd line’s natural talent and understand the seductive power of the 5th line, and the importance of practicality & reputation.
  • The 3/5 Profile

    The 3/5 Profile

    The 3rd line is the ability to discover, adapt, and survive through a “trial and error” process. Learn how the 5th line is pulling a strong projection from others, which can have a far-reaching influence in the world.
  • The 3/6 Profile

    The 3/6 Profile

    Explore how the 3rd-line theme of trial and error creates resilience. Learn about the 6th-line role model and its potential for wisdom as it moves through its three-part life process.
  • The 4/1 Profile

    The 4/1 Profile

    Learn the unique geometry of “fixed fate.” How does the investigator support the 4th line personality? Learn how they influence those they know in a uniquely fixed way.
  • The 4/6 Profile

    The 4/6 Profile

    Discover how the 4th-line opportunist personality is here to influence and externalize to those they know, and how the 6th-line body goes through its unique three-part life process.
  • The 5/1 Profile

    The 5/1 Profile

    The 5th line has the gift of being able to universalize to strangers while living in the projection field. How to establish a firm foundation from their 1st line unconscious in order to offer practical solutions.
Showing 7 to 12 (of 15 items)