Angles & Profiles

Profile is what determines your unique role and purpose. It is a combination that is based on the lines of your Personality Sun/Earth and your Design Sun/Earth.

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  • The 5/2 Profile

    The 5/2 Profile

    The 5/2 is a natural from its 2nd line unconscious and is projected on with its 5th line personality. Learn how to manage the projection field and recognize the right call to externalize your natural gifts.
  • The 6/2 Profile

    The 6/2 Profile

    Learn how the 6th line goes through a three-stage maturation process, and about the distinctly different qualities of each stage Why the 6/2 is a unique role model of living naturally as themselves.
  • The 6/3 Profile

    The 6/3 Profile

    Learn why this Profile goes through a difficult and at times chaotic period during the first 30 years of life. There can be great wisdom in a 6th line role model, because it never stops making discoveries.
Showing 13 to 15 (of 15 items)