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  • Love Yourself (and your hanging gates)
    Ra Uru Hu Relationships and Parenting

    Love Yourself (and your hanging gates)

    The biggest job is to love yourself. If you love yourself, you don't need anybody else's love. This is a wonderful thing. Love should be a treat, it should be the candy. It should be something really delicious.

  • Strategy and Authority Leads to Uniqueness
    Ra Uru Hu The Four Transformations

    Strategy and Authority Leads to Uniqueness

    The determination of your body is a genetic predisposition to form differentiation. What that means very simply is that each and every one of us is born to be unique.

  • Why the Title Is Wa Immersion
    Ra Uru Hu General

    Why the Title Is Wa Immersion

    Let me begin by talking about why this is called Wa Immersion. Wa is a trans-auric form. We are a pure Wa here in this room, all of us together, the 16 of us. This is a Wa configuration, and it has its own aura.

  • The Rave: Shared Consciousness
    Ra Uru Hu 2027 and Global Cycles

    The Rave: Shared Consciousness

    The Rave is only going to have about 1300 years. It’s going to be a small population to begin with. It has very peculiar circumstances which are going to limit the amount of potential that they actually have to flourish and they are going to have to learn how to operate as a melded consciousness.

  • Addictions to the Sacral
    Ra Uru Hu Type

    Addictions to the Sacral

    One of the ways I want to look at this today is to take a kind of radical perspective to see the relationship between non-Sacral beings and the Sacral world as an addiction. I think it’s very important that non-Sacral beings really understand how powerful the addiction to the Sacral Center actually

  • Sacral Availability
    Ra Uru Hu Type

    Sacral Availability

    When you’re looking at the nature of the Sacral, what I really want you to see are two things: The most important thing is the magnetic power of the Sacral aura.

Showing 1 to 6 (of 93 items)