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In this category find a selection of advanced topics, ranging from Variable and Radical Transformation, to the Architecture of Life and other advanced mechanics.

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  • Being Right

    Being Right

    What does being “Right” mean? Join Ra in a thorough exploration of Right Variable, and how it determines the 4 steps to transforming the Brain, Body, Perspective and Awareness.
  • Radical Transformations

    Radical Transformations

    Strategy and Authority set the foundation for wellbeing. But how do we go deeper? Discover the radical changes that we can experience through the 4 Radical Transformations.
  • Introduction to Color

    Introduction to Color

    Color is one of the most exciting areas of study in Human Design, and the basis for PHS and Rave Psychology.
  • The Penta & Family Awareness

    The Penta & Family Awareness

    Family is our earliest form of conditioning. Discover how Family Auras work, and how awareness of group dynamics helps us understand our role in family life.
  • The 16 Orientations of Awakening

    The 16 Orientations of Awakening

    What if there was a way to understand humanity based on different aspects of Awareness? Discover the 16 variations of awakening through the variable consciousness field.
  • PHS and Awakening the Body

    PHS and Awakening the Body

    Is there an approach to health and nutrition that works consistently? Discover how Primary Health System is the first step in transforming your body and optimizing your brain’s cognitive potential.
Showing 1 to 6 (of 26 items)