2027: A New Cycle

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Until 2008, I was neutral about 2027. It was an interesting story, a possible future, a grey area in my interest in Human Design. When I looked at the emergence of the Solar Plexus Mutation and the Global Cycle changes of 2027, it became essential for me to look at the progression of changes that I could observe; I could not take the wholesale belief in prophecy on faith. When I began my experiment, I had to prove the validity of Strategy and Authority for my own life; and just the same, I have had to observe, and therefore prove, the validity of 2027 for myself as well. What has changed for me? What have I seen that points towards a coming mutation?

The financial crash of September 29, 2008 was the moment I realized that 2027 wasn’t a singular event, but rather would be a point along a continuum of evolutionary changes that was observable, changes that were evolving right now. I realized that Neptune was setting up the changes that would eventually be brought to the surface by Pluto’s transits.

What are Global Cycles?

We are constantly bombarded by neutrinos, the sub-atomic units of matter that carry the intelligence of the universe, and that reach us at the rate of 30 trillion neutrinos per square inch, per second. As the neutrino stream passes through the orbiting planets of the solar system, they pick up a frequency resonance that we can recognize as the transit field, or what is commonly called The Program. Each planet moves through each Gate of the Rave Wheel, and influences life on planet Earth. Many experimenters in Human Design have found that observation of The Program brings an understanding of the conditioning taking place within and around them.

However, we take in neutrino intelligence from the wider universe as well. There are more stars in the universe than grains of sand on all the beaches of the world – and each star generates intelligent neutrinos. The neutrino information from the vast universe impacts us indirectly here on planet Earth, providing programming for our evolutionary progression. Ra Uru Hu called this the Global Consciousness Program, and it is commonly referred to as the Global Cycles, for which there is data from approximately 16000 BC to 3600 AD.

(The 6 Epochs of the Global Cycles - Click image to view full size)

Each cycle provides a background frequency to these large sweeping epochs in human life based upon specific Gate influences due to this Global Consciousness Program. Our current global cycle began in 1615 and carries the frequency of the Cross of Planning with Gates 37, 40, 9, and 16. This cycle of the Cross of Planning began with the breakdown of the feudal systems and the end of the rule of warrior kings, and it evolved into our modern collective governments, a thriving social safety net, and movement toward a global community. However, as we are now reaching the end of this cycle, there is turmoil as our global outlook is changing once again; this period of communal support and interdependent economics is ending as well.

A new cycle begins in 2027 and will carry the frequency of the Cross of the Sleeping Phoenix with Gates 55, 59, 20, and 34. Ra often characterized it as the cycle of the Individual. In many ways, the value of Strategy and Inner Authority will be more fully realized in this coming cycle; as the community, state, national and international support structures continue to break down, it is the aware individual that can make decisions correctly for themselves that will have distinct advantages.

Our next evolutionary step will occur in this next cycle, which will bring extensive mutation to the Solar Plexus and the emerging non-linear, non-verbal felt sense of awareness that is neither body awareness nor mental awareness, but emotional or spirit awareness

What is the importance of Pluto to global changes?

Pluto provides us with the truth, and the truth mutates over time. Every Gate mutates as Pluto passes through it in its approximately 252-year movement through all 64 Gates. Our current orbit of Pluto around the Rave Wheel began the mutation of the 9-Centered Human in 1781, and Pluto’s next orbit of the wheel will begin the mutation of the Solar Plexus. What was at one time the gods’ truth then became a collective truth, which will become the truth of the individual.

How Does Neptune factor into the global changes?

Neptune’s role in The Program is deeply veiled, working below the surface of the Gate at the genetic level; while at the surface, this planet puts forth an illusion, a glamour, that is often misinterpreted by the mind and the collective unconscious and filled with misinformation and misdirection.

Once we can cut through the illusion, and see behind the veil, Neptune can reveal deep mystical truth. Neptune’s role in our personal Design is to provide what is hidden, what is beneath the surface. It is the planet of deep mutation and provides data that is not logical or linear, that is not to be figured out, but experienced. This planet represents the continuity and depths of the genetic pool.

Continued in “2027: A View through Neptune’s Veil by Leela Swann-Herbert...

Leela Swann-Herbert

Leela Swann-Herbert has been teaching Human Design mechanics since 2007. Trained by Ra Uru Hu, she began her experiment in 1999, and brings a wealth of experience to her understanding of Human Design. She is also an author of “Your Own Authority - A Beginners Guide to Human Design,” available from our eBook shop.


2027: A View through Neptune’s Veil
Leela Swann-Herbert Human Design Concepts

2027: A View through Neptune’s Veil

Neptune’s role in The Program is deeply veiled, working below the surface of the Gate at the genetic level; while at the surface, this planet puts forth an illusion, a glamour, that is often misinterpreted...

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