How to use the Rave New Year 2018


We are used to thinking of the New Year as a time to make resolutions, to look forward to a better version of ourselves. We even say, “Have a Happy New Year”; as if wishing it would make the whole package of change and happiness come true.

And yet, the perpetual pattern is one of creating resolutions on January 1st. About a couple of months into the new year, we often end up judging and criticizing ourselves for falling short yet again, failing to make those changes that should be bringing us more fulfillment, and in short, a better life. An open Heart Center can play into the mind’s use of an imaginary will-power with self-worth judgments about failure to keep promises. Add that to the root pressure to begin something new, and it can be a potent brew for mental initiation.

But, there is an alternative way of going about this, the potential to experiment with something different this year: learning “how to use” the Rave New Year.

Instead of January 1st as the calendar date to start 2018, Human Design uses January 22nd as the start date to the New year

January 1st is 3 weeks away from the start to the Rave New Year, which begins with the transit of the Sun into Gate 41, usually between January 21st to 22nd. This period can be a useful time for reflection, for self-examination, and even taking another look at the main events of the previous year through the lens of Human Design. What have you observed about your Strategy and your experiences with Inner Authority for decision-making? How well has it served you?

If you were able to take advantage of Human Design’s forecasting tools, then maybe you can look back and recall how this affected setting the stage and preparing for the outcome of certain events, when approaching the new year with an awareness of transit themes.

With the Rave New Year forecast, you can observe the forces that will shape the year ahead on a global level.

Rave New Year forecasting makes it possible to look at the planetary influences and their themes, openness and attraction, conditioning mechanics of transits, and how to recognize these influences on a global level.

Even if you don’t know anything about transits or what to look for, the Rave New Year can be used as a practical tool for self-awareness. Each year is shaped by the transit imprint that occurs when the Sun enters Gate 41 and the Rave Year begins. These transit forces have a profound and deep impact on the world we live in.

Learn how to observe the forces that will shape your personal experience of the Rave Year 2018

While there is a collective and global pattern brought by the Rave New Year, there is also the potential to see how the year impacts the openness in your individual design, and to recognize the patterns created by the transits. Using the forecast as a tool, you can learn how to observe your personal experiences of these transits, instead of being overcome by the impact of forces we are not aware of.

For this coming year, the Rave New year forecast provides you with the opportunity to use the signposts for both your personal exploration, and for observing the global stage that will unfold during 2018.

Leela Swann-Herbert

Leela Swann-Herbert has been teaching Human Design mechanics since 2007. Trained by Ra Uru Hu, she began her experiment in 1999, and brings a wealth of experience to her understanding of Human Design. She is also an author of “Your Own Authority - A Beginners Guide to Human Design,” available from our eBook shop.


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