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  • Understand the Design to Understand Lines
    Ra Uru Hu Human Design Concepts

    Understand the Design to Understand Lines

    There are so many different things that I can show you in relationship to Lines. Again, it begins with something that is very important to grasp. That is, the assumption is that you read a Line for its own value, but you can’t.

  • The Importance of Dietary Regimen
    Ra Uru Hu The Four Transformations

    The Importance of Dietary Regimen

    What is so essential to the digestive system, when you digest food correctly according to your determination, what basically happens is that no matter what you take in, because this isn’t about food...

  • The Penta and Materialism
    Ra Uru Hu Group Mechanics

    The Penta and Materialism

    Philosophically, in my life I have listened to all sides of the discussion of human materialism, material societies, hyper material societies, material-less societies, the arguments back and forth about the nature of materialism.

  • Seven-Centered Gods
    Ra Uru Hu General

    Seven-Centered Gods

    Something very profound to understand about our ancestors is that you have nothing in common with anyone born before 1781, despite the illusion. You have a totally different inner system. You're wired differently.

  • The 14th Step
    Ra Uru Hu 2027 and Global Cycles

    The 14th Step

    The whole thing to understand about the 14th Gate is that it carries within it all of the material potential of humanity, and it is the material potential of humanity in the sense that we understand it as energy, as money, as the material way, as the material path in life.

  • Love Yourself (and your hanging gates)
    Ra Uru Hu Relationships and Parenting

    Love Yourself (and your hanging gates)

    The biggest job is to love yourself. If you love yourself, you don't need anybody else's love. This is a wonderful thing. Love should be a treat, it should be the candy. It should be something really delicious.

Showing 1 to 6 (of 98 items)