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  • Attraction and Resonance

    Attraction and Resonance

    Explore the basic duality of our genetic programming. Learn how our genes manipulate us to ensure the survival of our species. Why does our genetic imperative attract us to what we are not?
  • Beginning Without Intent

    Beginning Without Intent

    What would it be like to live in a world without winners and losers, and without ego strategies? Discover the new way of uniqueness and differentiation which lead to personal transformation.
  • Birth to Saturn: The True Self and Diet

    Birth to Saturn: The True Self and Diet

    The first 30 years of life, leading up to the Saturn return. What role does nourishment play? How do we ensure that a child develops in a way that is physically and mentally healthy?
  • Change is in Play

    Change is in Play

    Are you ready to prepare for great global change? Explore the transformation possible for those who implement this knowledge. Guidelines for how to be healthy and prepared for the future.
  • Distraction: The Great Deluder

    Distraction: The Great Deluder

    The mysteries and mechanics of the ‘Nodes of the Moon’. Learn how we are distracted from our lives into the delusions of the not-self. Why our specific environment establishes our quality of life.
  • Fallen Angels

    Fallen Angels

    Discover how Generators can move from frustration to satisfaction. Explore the power of surrender and tapping into your life force. Learn how generators dominate the frequency of the planet.
  • Generator and Manifesting Generator

    Generator and Manifesting Generator

    Explore the most dominant energy type making up 70% of the population. Learn practical solutions for correct decision making, harnessing the power of Response.
  • IBI09 Variables -  PLL DLL

    IBI09 Variables - PLL DLL

    Select your Variable, Discover its Beauties and Dilemmas. You have one foot in the present, but are rooted in the past. Learn why a specific dietary regimen is needed to improve mental capacity and focus.
  • IBI09 Variables - PLL DLR

    IBI09 Variables - PLL DLR

    Select your Variable, Discover its Beauties and Dilemmas. How do you meet the needs of an active brain in a passive body? Ra explains how you can be correct when totally absorbed on the mental plane.
  • IBI09 Variables - PLL DRL

    IBI09 Variables - PLL DRL

    Select your Variable, Discover its Beauties and Dilemmas. How to deal with a passive brain system. Discover how to align the passive brain with a body that is meant to be busy.
  • IBI09 Variables - PLL DRR

    IBI09 Variables - PLL DRR

    Select your Variable, Discover its Beauties and Dilemmas. This Variable stands on a divide between the Right and the Left. Explore the challenges of trying to make your receptive brain do active work.
  • IBI09 Variables - PLR DLL

    IBI09 Variables - PLR DLL

    Select your Variable, Discover its Beauties and Dilemmas. Why is it important to correctly nourish your active Left brain? Explore how healthy brain functioning provides tools for self-reflected consciousness.
  • IBI09 Variables - PLR DLR

    IBI09 Variables - PLR DLR

    Select your Variable, Discover its Beauties and Dilemmas. Do you feel like your life is different from others? Journey through the Left Brain/Mind and the Right Storyline/Perspective.
  • IBI09 Variables - PLR DRL

    IBI09 Variables - PLR DRL

    Select your Variable, Discover its Beauties and Dilemmas. Why Ra calls this the “inside-out people,” a difficult crossover combination. How to operate in an experiential, active body with a quiet mind.
  • IBI09 Variables - PLR DRR

    IBI09 Variables - PLR DRR

    Select your Variable, Discover its Beauties and Dilemmas. This Variable is designed to receptively take in an enormous amount of information. Why there can be a stress dynamic with having a strategic mind.
  • IBI09 Variables - PRL DLL

    IBI09 Variables - PRL DLL

    Select your Variable, Discover its Beauties and Dilemmas. This is the first Variable in the evolutionary process of the Right mind. Ra explains the mystery of what is really going on inside and outside of you.
  • IBI09 Variables - PRL DLR

    IBI09 Variables - PRL DLR

    Select your Variable, Discover its Beauties and Dilemmas. This is a brain system that needs to have focus and stimulation. How does that balance with a body that needs to be relaxed in order to see correctly?
  • IBI09 Variables - PRL DRL

    IBI09 Variables - PRL DRL

    Select your Variable, Discover its Beauties and Dilemmas. Learn why it is important to be physically busy in the right environment. The importance of the people you are with and quality of interaction.
  • IBI09 Variables - PRL DRR

    IBI09 Variables - PRL DRR

    Discover how you are designed to have a new and different kind of cognition. How to properly nourish your receptive brain. Learn how to support your uniqueness through passively taking in information.
  • IBI09 Variables - PRR DLL

    IBI09 Variables - PRR DLL

    Select your Variable, Discover its Beauties and Dilemmas. These are the first beings in the evolutionary process that carry a passive and receptive Personality. How does this align with the drive to be strategic?
  • IBI09 Variables - PRR DLR

    IBI09 Variables - PRR DLR

    Select your Variable, Discover its Beauties and Dilemmas. How to align a busy, active brain with a receptive Mind/Personality. Learn why you are designed to be calm, passive, and in a natural flow.
  • IBI09 Variables - PRR DRL

    IBI09 Variables - PRR DRL

    Select your Variable, Discover its Beauties and Dilemmas. What does it mean to be part of an evolutionary movement and to bridge what is coming? The importance of your relationships that define your process.
  • IBI09 Variables - PRR DRR

    IBI09 Variables - PRR DRR

    Explore the most extreme example of Variable. What does it mean to be totally receptive in a strategic world? Learn how this is potentially the most creative Variable due to the nature of receptivity.
  • Inner Authority - Minor Authorities

    Inner Authority - Minor Authorities

    Ego Manifested - Ego Projected - Self Projected. Do you trust the power of your voice? The Vocal authority group making up 4% of the population must learn to trust, respect and abide by what they say.
  • Inner Authority - No Direct Inner Authority

    Inner Authority - No Direct Inner Authority

    For Reflectors & Mental Projectors. How to build up the energy to navigate through life. Understand the power of using Outer Authority.
  • Inner Authority - Sacral

    Inner Authority - Sacral

    Learn why responding to life moment to moment brings satisfaction. Explore the deeply spiritual nature of the Generator who trusts their responses to life.
  • Inner Authority - Solar Plexus

    Inner Authority - Solar Plexus

    Do you have a defined Solar Plexus Center? This is automatically your Authority. Learn why the Solar Plexus Center finds clarity over time. Understand the power of the Emotional wave and why there is “no truth in the now”.
  • Inner Authority - Splenic

    Inner Authority - Splenic

    Survival, Fear, Instinct, Intuition and Wellbeing. Learn why listening to your Intuition is directly connected to your health. Understand why the Spleen can be difficult to notice or trust.
  • Introduction to Variable

    Introduction to Variable

    The Four Transformations: Digestion, Environment, Perspective, and Awareness. A clear, practical map for your transformation. Explore an overview of the 16 variable groupings.
  • Juxtaposition


    The Unique Geometry of Fixed Fate: Understand how the 4/1 Profile has a unique purpose to bridge the Left & Right Angle Profiles.
  • Manifestor


    Explore this type that makes up 9% of the population - The only type designed to Initiate. Understand the power and purpose of impacting others, and how to transform anger into peace.
  • Manifestor Encore

    Manifestor Encore

    What does it mean to be a Manifestor in a time of great change? Learn the Type hierarchies, and the role of the Manifestor in our evolutionary movement.
  • Never Mind

    Never Mind

    Explore the traps of the not-self mind. What is the purpose of mind, and how do you use it efficiently according to your design?
  • Nutrition


    Explore the basics of Primary Health System and Color determination. Learn how we are all designed to have a unique digestive process. Discover the 6 primary digestive systems.
  • Orientation


    Learn why the right environment nurtures and protects the well-being and longevity of your body. Discover the six types of environments and how to eliminate resistance in the way you connect to others.
  • Post Kiron: Lights, Camera, Action

    Post Kiron: Lights, Camera, Action

    What happens after the Kiron return? (age 50-53). How do we find fulfillment during this phase? Learn how the ‘passenger’ consciousness is liberated.
  • Profiting from the Not-Self

    Profiting from the Not-Self

    How does the Not-Self get in the way of your material success? Learn how the wisdom of open Centers can transform your financial life.
  • Projector


    Learn why 20% of the population is ‘not here to work’ and what it means to be truly recognized and invited. Understand the gift of mastering systems and how to move from bitterness to success.
  • Projectors: A Clarion's Alert

    Projectors: A Clarion's Alert

    Why you are needed as a resource of information for the future. Learn why Projectors need to master systems. The ascendancy of the Projector and its role as guide and administrator.
  • Quadruple Split Definition

    Quadruple Split Definition

    Explore the rarest phenomena in Human Design. Learn how information is processed, how fixedness works, and the importance of bridging the splits in a healthy way.
  • Reflector


    Learn what it means to have all 9 Centers of the BodyGraph open and how this openness allows the aware Reflector to sample Auras. Discover how the rarest Type finds their truth through the cycles of the Moon.
  • Saturn to Kiron: Planting the Cross

    Saturn to Kiron: Planting the Cross

    The 20-year period between the Saturn and Kiron return. What conditions set the stage to plant the seeds of your Incarnation cross? Why is it crucial to be in the right environment?
  • Seeing, Seeing, Seeing

    Seeing, Seeing, Seeing

    Is the busyness of your mind interfering with your life? The not-self mind cannot truly ‘see’. Learn how we can each be transformed to see unique to our own nature.
  • Single Definition

    Single Definition

    The only definition that provides a sense of consistency and wholeness. Learn the strengths of this definition and how it can navigate through the overwhelming open Center conditioning.
  • Solar Plexus: Desire - From On to Off

    Solar Plexus: Desire - From On to Off

    The collective stream of desire is the human experiential way. Learn how this stream has the biggest influence on human life. Journey from the pressure of the 41st Gate to the progress of the 35th Gate.
  • Solar Plexus: Need - From Field to Pot

    Solar Plexus: Need - From Field to Pot

    Journey through the tribal stream, touching on the “need” of each Gate. Do you feel inconsistent, uncertain or up and down emotionally? Learn the key requirements for emotional nature.
  • Solar Plexus: Passion - From Cool to Hot

    Solar Plexus: Passion - From Cool to Hot

    Explore the individual stream of passion that operates in a pulse. Journey through this complex chemistry of each Gate Feeling melancholic? Learn about this deep creative potential.
  • Solar Plexus: The Waves of Chaos

    Solar Plexus: The Waves of Chaos

    The three types of emotional waves and how they function. Why the ‘dark side’ of the Solar Plexus is the most distorting influence on the planet. Learn why there is no truth in the now for the solar plexus.
  • Split Definition

    Split Definition

    Explore why this definition has the drive to connect with the other to experience wholeness. Discover practical tools for dealing with not-self themes that emerge in the open places between splits.
  • The 1/3 Profile

    The 1/3 Profile

    Investigator - Martyr Introspection - Adaptation. A self-absorbed profile that seeks a solid foundation before feeling secure. Exploring life through trial and error offers wisdom of what does and does not work.
  • The 1/4 Profile

    The 1/4 Profile

    While the 1st line is making sure its foundation is solid, the 4th line is waiting for the right opportunity to share with others. Here to have great influence and impact on people within their network.
  • The 2/4 Profile

    The 2/4 Profile

    The 2nd line needs to be called out for its natural talents. Through the 4th-line network, it can find opportunities to share its gifts. Learn why this profile has great power as a “missionary.”
  • The 2/5 Profile

    The 2/5 Profile

    Explore how the Projection field greatly impacts this profile. Learn how aloneness enriches the 2nd line’s natural talent and understand the seductive power of the 5th line, and the importance of practicality & reputation.
  • The 3/5 Profile

    The 3/5 Profile

    The 3rd line is the ability to discover, adapt, and survive through a “trial and error” process. Learn how the 5th line is pulling a strong projection from others, which can have a far-reaching influence in the world.
  • The 3/6 Profile

    The 3/6 Profile

    Explore how the 3rd-line theme of trial and error creates resilience. Learn about the 6th-line role model and its potential for wisdom as it moves through its three-part life process.
  • The 4/1 Profile

    The 4/1 Profile

    Learn the unique geometry of “fixed fate.” How does the investigator support the 4th line personality? Learn how they influence those they know in a uniquely fixed way.
  • The 4/6 Profile

    The 4/6 Profile

    Discover how the 4th-line opportunist personality is here to influence and externalize to those they know, and how the 6th-line body goes through its unique three-part life process.
  • The 5/1 Profile

    The 5/1 Profile

    The 5th line has the gift of being able to universalize to strangers while living in the projection field. How to establish a firm foundation from their 1st line unconscious in order to offer practical solutions.
  • The 5/2 Profile

    The 5/2 Profile

    The 5/2 is a natural from its 2nd line unconscious and is projected on with its 5th line personality. Learn how to manage the projection field and recognize the right call to externalize your natural gifts.
  • The 6/2 Profile

    The 6/2 Profile

    Learn how the 6th line goes through a three-stage maturation process, and about the distinctly different qualities of each stage Why the 6/2 is a unique role model of living naturally as themselves.
  • The 6/3 Profile

    The 6/3 Profile

    Learn why this Profile goes through a difficult and at times chaotic period during the first 30 years of life. There can be great wisdom in a 6th line role model, because it never stops making discoveries.
  • The Beginning before the Start

    The Beginning before the Start

    The story begins with the crystals of consciousness. Learn how through these crystals life, form, and consciousness emerges. How the world of illusion operates.
  • The Dream Rave

    The Dream Rave

    How do we take in information while we are asleep? How does it affect conditioning? Learn how to sleep correctly and protect your aura according to your design.
  • The Dream State Revealed

    The Dream State Revealed

    Do you ever wonder what happens to you in the dream world, and after you wake? Learn how the components of the dream state work. Explore the 15-gated dream state mechanics.
  • The G: The Diamond at the Center of Being

    The G: The Diamond at the Center of Being

    The wonders of the G Center and how it controls the Rave Mandala wheel. Learn about the Magnetic Monopole, our sense of identity and direction. Explore the mechanisms and roles of the 8 gates of the G Center.
  • The Global Orchestration Directories

    The Global Orchestration Directories

    The acronym is GOD Learn how these forces are aligned and how they impact our lives. Witness how the crystal consciousness field impacts us. Discover the coordinating forces on the planet and how they operate.
  • The Heart of the Matter

    The Heart of the Matter

    Explore the enormous impact of the Ego/Heart Center. Delve into the most complex and potentially devastating not-self strategies. Get your life back on track through the wisdom of the open Heart Center.
  • The Left Angle

    The Left Angle

    Profiles: 5/1, 5/2, 6/2 and 6/3. The Geometry of Transpersonal Destiny. Discover why purpose is fulfilled through connection with others, and learn about the 5th and 6th lines’ roles in transpersonal karma.
  • The Madness of the 'Normal' Mind

    The Madness of the 'Normal' Mind

    Are you feeling overwhelmed in your openness? Learn how your Authority can help you navigate through life. Recognize the forces of the conditioning field and the Moon’s impact.
  • The Mind: From Confusion to Tales

    The Mind: From Confusion to Tales

    Explore the abstract mental stream of awareness from the Head & Ajna to the Throat. Do you feel under pressure to make sense of the past? Learn the value of this process and how it leads to ideas, beliefs, and storytelling.
  • The Mind: From Doubt to Detail

    The Mind: From Doubt to Detail

    What makes up a logical mind? Human Design reveals the mechanics of the logical mental process through the Stream of Awareness in the BodyGraph.
  • The Mind: From not Knowing to Knowing

    The Mind: From not Knowing to Knowing

    Journey into the individual knowing stream of awareness. Decode the mystery of how the Individual mind works. Explore how the Individual stream expresses through the mutative 23rd Gate.
  • The Money Game

    The Money Game

    What does it mean financially and economically that the ‘Cross of Planning’ is fading away? Explore how this change will affect the material world. Learn how you can gain mastery of the material plane.
  • The Nine Centered Being

    The Nine Centered Being

    How have we evolved as a different species from the Neanderthal? Journey through mutations of our visual cortex. The nine-centered being is designed to have its own Authority.
  • The Not Self

    The Not Self

    A deep look into our conditioning, and how it impacts us. Do you live by what you are pulled towards, attracted to, and conditioned by? Discover how to use your mind to watch the way our not-self works.
  • The Not-Self - Part 1

    The Not-Self - Part 1

    Essential for understanding the basics of reading a Human Design chart. Gain insight into how the open areas in your chart shape how you see the world and identity the major conditioning forces in your life.
  • The Not-Self - Part 2

    The Not-Self - Part 2

    Join Ra as he covers the chart analysis of live participants. Learn the basic mechanics of Penta and the Wa configuration. Delve into practical information for any student interested in group mechanics.
  • The Not-Self - Part 3

    The Not-Self - Part 3

    In Part 3 of the Not-Self course, Ra continues with the chart analysis of each of the participants. With each chart in front of you, listen to how Ra gives a reading - and learn how they are meant to be read!
  • The Perfection of Being

    The Perfection of Being

    Do you ever wonder if something is ‘wrong’ with you? The perfection of your being is not measured against some outside standard. Embrace the process of learning to trust and be yourself.
  • The Power Column: From Sacral to G

    The Power Column: From Sacral to G

    Explore the central streams of the BodyGraph: The tantric channels. Understand how the internal direction mechanism works. Learn about the transpersonal, auric forms called the Penta and the WA.
  • The Power Column: From the G to the Throat

    The Power Column: From the G to the Throat

    Explore the power and themes of verbally expressing identity. Learn why these themes are a “projected phenomenon”. Discover how to live your life’s process from an identity that is recognized.
  • The Program and the Godhead

    The Program and the Godhead

    Journey through the mechanics of the Program and how it affects us. Learn how to stop the Program from impacting your decision making. How to navigate more easily and find your own way.
  • The Program: The Transits

    The Program: The Transits

    Explore the significance of the planets on your day-to-day life. Learn how to see and get attuned to the transit field.
  • The Rave

    The Rave

    Join Ra in taking a multi-faceted look at the mutations we are currently experiencing. Understand the four stages of mutation of the Solar Plexus Center and how they will eliminate the emotional wave.
  • The Right Angle

    The Right Angle

    The Geometry of Personal Destiny. Learn why being self-absorbed in your own process supports your purpose, and explore how personal destiny has the potential to transform the whole.
  • The Root: To be or not to be

    The Root: To be or not to be

    Constantly feeling under pressure? Driving yourself at an unrealistic pace? Understand the function of the Root pressures and how to live with them correctly.
  • The Sacral: Generating the World

    The Sacral: Generating the World

    If you are a Sacral being, you have the power to transform the world when operating correctly. Explore the aura and potential of the Sacral. Learn about the format channels between the Sacral and Root Centers.
  • The Seven Centered Being

    The Seven Centered Being

    Gain insight into how we have been conditioned by the Seven-Centered life to be mentally strategic and fear-based, and how we can move beyond the not-self world.
  • The Signature Question

    The Signature Question

    Do you experience anger, frustration, bitterness or disappointment? Explore the signposts for each of the 4 Aura Types’ Signatures. Learn how the simplicity of Strategy and Authority can transform your life.
  • The Spleen: From Ambition to Egoism

    The Spleen: From Ambition to Egoism

    The first awareness Center that developed in mammals. Learn how the Spleen is connected to the immune and lymphatic systems, and in charge of survival. What are your potentials if you have an open Spleen?
  • The Spleen: From Vitality to Identification

    The Spleen: From Vitality to Identification

    Logic is the only form of awareness that can actually pursue perfection. Discover how the Spleen and Root Center fuel the collective need to find stable patterns for the future.
  • The Spleen: From 'Who am I' to 'I am'

    The Spleen: From 'Who am I' to 'I am'

    Journey through the individual stream of Intuition. What does it mean to have a spontaneous, in-the-moment awareness? Explore the existential quality of the Spleen, and how it works.
  • The Sub-structure: The Base

    The Sub-structure: The Base

    Take a journey into the very core of your imprinting. Learn the mechanics of how the crystals of consciousness filter the neutrino ocean. Learn about a deconditioning tool for a realignment and cleansing process.
  • The Sub-structure: The Color

    The Sub-structure: The Color

    Color carries all the basic ingredients that determine our ability to survive. Learn how Color works on the Design and Personality side, and witness the not-self signposts that distort the mind.
  • The Sub-structure: The Tone

    The Sub-structure: The Tone

    Journey to the magic of tonal architecture. Discover the unique way in which we each cognitively experience being in the world. Delve into the differences between the Left and Right frequencies of Tone.
  • The Throat: The Voices of Babel

    The Throat: The Voices of Babel

    Explore the mechanics and beauty of the 11 distinct voices of the complex Throat Center. How do you express yourself through your unique voice? How is your voice conditioned?
  • The Truth about the Moon

    The Truth about the Moon

    How do you take in experiences? This is a process ruled by the Moon. Learn to be free from our mind’s interpretation of our experiences. How you can awaken and surrender to what it is to be you.
  • Triple Split Definition

    Triple Split Definition

    Learn about the strongest conditioning force for Triple Splits. What does it mean to have three different parts working autonomously with their own agenda? Why are others important for triple-splits?
  • What is Happening?

    What is Happening?

    What happens when the mind is freed from decision-making? Explore the gifts of passenger consciousness and the sharing of ‘outer authority’. Learn about the post-Kiron flowering period.
  • Where are You?

    Where are You?

    At approximately 30 years of age, you begin your true journey as yourself. When does your Incarnation Cross take over? Learn why the correct environment becomes a key in your life.
  • Who is in Charge?

    Who is in Charge?

    The key question for transformation: What would happen if the mind was freed of making decisions? Learn how the mind makes decisions based on our openness. Why our openness or “not-self” wants to be in charge.