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  • Sailing Neutrino Seas
    Mary Ann Winiger General

    Sailing Neutrino Seas

    Many of you already know that Ra Uru Hu was not just a teacher, he was also a musician. His passion was music.

  • On Being Radical
    Mary Ann Winiger General

    On Being Radical

    I was asked a very interesting question the other day about something I had written in my book “A Revolution of One”, a book about the first 10 years of my experiment.

  • Transformation - The Passenger’s Journey
    Mary Ann Winiger General

    Transformation - The Passenger’s Journey

    For those of you who are new to Human Design, there are two sets of information on each side of the BodyGraph on your chart.

  • Timing is Everything
    Mary Ann Winiger General

    Timing is Everything

    After all these years, I can say from my own experience that “Timing is Everything”! I have seen the truth of this from my own sacral response.

  • Longing for Enlightenment
    Mary Ann Winiger General

    Longing for Enlightenment

    Before Human Design, I had been a seeker. This searching took me to India where I encountered for the first time the word “Enlightenment”.

  • Money Matters - But at what Cost?
    Devon Martin General

    Money Matters - But at what Cost?

    Is it possible to experience material abundance and also feel at peace, satisfied, successful and even surprised with your life’s work?

Showing 25 to 30 (of 32 items)