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  • Self-Love
    Ra Uru Hu General


    I think often there's a great deal of confusion about what I mean when I ask people, in a sense remind them, to love themselves. Self-love is really an incredible thing; I think it is one of the rarest things that we have on the planet.

  • Be Present
    Ra Uru Hu General

    Be Present

    “Be here now” is a popularized philosophy Ram Dass, an American spiritual teacher, is well known for—but is it something everyone can live by? Why do we have difficulties with being present?

  • The Emergence of Magic
    Ra Uru Hu General

    The Emergence of Magic

    Let's go back thousands of years to the beginning of the story, to the emergence of magic. What’s it really about? It begins with understanding just the BodyGraph mechanism. We are looking at two Gates...

  • Strategic Communion and Lies
    Ra Uru Hu General

    Strategic Communion and Lies

    It’s one of the things I’ve talked about over the years, what it means to have your inner Authority separated from your mental system. Think about what it really means when your mind is both Inner and Outer Authority.

  • The Phoenicians
    Ra Uru Hu General

    The Phoenicians

    “I'll tell you a story; it's always nice to tell a story. My mystical process began with me disappearing from North America and ending up on this little island in the Mediterranean, which at that time...

  • The 26th Gate and Bird Flu
    Ra Uru Hu General

    The 26th Gate and Bird Flu

    When you look at this Design, you see that the whole world of birds, reptiles and fish, the whole community of them world-wide, is opened up to anything that is going to sit in the 26th Gate (including transits).

Showing 25 to 30 (of 32 items)